retouching services

Architecture • Portraits & Groups • Landscape & Wildlife • Jewelry • Wedding • Old Damaged Photos

Below are some of the photo retouching services that I offer.  Use the contact form on this website to request a quote for your specific project and provide as many details as possible, including your timeframe.

General Retouching

• raw image processing

• overall color enhancements

• hue and saturation adjustments

• contrast and density improvements

• dust and spot removal

• image resizing and sharpening

• color to black and white conversions

Advanced Retouching

• photo composites

• digital restoration of old damaged photos

• stitch together multi-image panoramas

• blend bracketed photos

• blemish removal, airbrushing

• body modifications / enhancements

• background removal

• eliminate reflections and distracting elements

• image enhancement for large format printing

retouching examples

click the images below to view in more detail

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